We set out to realize Seema & Deval’s dream of marrying in a Rajasthani Palace, right here in Orlando, Florida. Inspired by the opulence and grandeur of Rajasthani Palaces such as Umaid Bhawan Palace, we were able to recreate a Royal Wedding experience.

Designing Seema & Deval’s Rajasthani wedding theme began with pulling inspiration from various sources. We looked for recognizable themes which would replicate the Rajasthani taste for luxury and their penchant for bold colors in both the Sangeet design plans as well as the wedding day designs. Together with the couple & their families, we gathered images from books such as India: Land of Living Traditions by Alistair Shearer & Michael Freeman and one of our favorite go-tos, Indian Interiors by Sunil Sethi, to aesthetically and structurally recreate a design that would evoke Rajasthan’s artisanal cultural flavors and a palace’s ornate details. We also found visual inspirations online, looking at Rajasthan’s palatial history through virtual galleries and other sources.

For the Sangeet, we ushered guests into a Rajasthani street celebration. We strung street lights across the ceiling along with inverted multi-colored umbrellas to add a festive street-scene atmosphere to the occasion. We erected a colorful canopy underneath which the couple could sit and observe their guests as the evening unfolded. Using bold colors and romantic lighting, we were able to create a festive street atmosphere in the grand ballroom, where the families and guests could celebrate and unwind before the wedding.

The following day, our team transformed the ballroom space yet again. We welcomed guests to the bride & groom’s own Rajasthani Palace. To do so, we first visually and structurally sought to divide the ballroom into multiple spaces, exposing guests to more intimate surroundings while lavishing them with visual and sensory indulgences which helped bring the feel of a royal wedding to life. By portioning part of the ballroom off as a royal courtyard, guests made their own grand entrance through the Courtyard into the Palace while relishing in Rajasthan’s lush, botanical beauty.We used special lighting effects around the flora to create more textures and depth of field in this space. We also installed a brilliant Haveli decorated with an golden elephant in the center of the courtyard. This Rajasthani emblem served as a focal point within the palace courtyard–a locus where tradition & amusement often coincide. As guests passed through this glowing, stately part of the ballroom, three custom-made magnificent golden gateways beheld the imperial palace Great Hall.

Drawing from Indian & Rajasthani wedding themes, we incorporated an elegant assembly of beautifully decorated golden elephant statues each atop pedestals adorned with colorful flowers and candles as focal points for the palace interior. Guests were seated at several geometric X formations of tables originating from these bejeweled elephants. Each place setting in this Rajasthani Wedding Reception featured royal blue & red hues as well as custom-printed table signs & name cards which the bride (dressed regally in red) had selected to accompany the Rajasthani Palace theme. The Bride & Groom’s Congo blue-canopied table overlooked their guests and featured two Grand Imperial Elephant & Peacock statutes stationed over their Majesties. As the evening came to a close, guests (along with the couple’s three dogs!) proceeded with the couple back into the courtyard, where they enjoyed an ambrosial array of desserts beneath two soaring tents. It was a celebration fit for this, and any, royal couple.

This wedding is lovely example of our team’s collaboration with an imaginative couple. When planning your own imaginative dream wedding, think about what you wish your guests and your families, as well as yourselves, would like to experience. Sticking to this source of inspiration gives your designers and vendors an opportunity to exceed your expectations and make your dream wedding come true!

Rajasthani Wedding Orlando Florida