The wedding ceremony for Richa and Shashank at the Hilton Orlando was a stunning success built from a series of unique challenges. The garnet-colored drapery and gold accent color scheme was a beautiful combination, but rich colors in large venues can have a shrinking effect on a space, so execution was important.

The interior of the space was draped in garnet wall to wall, with a golden medallion focal point positioned behind the mandap. The gold color gave a sense of depth to the space to balance out the width of the venue, and the brightness of the gilding helped keep the drapery from becoming too dark or enveloping.

A series of concentric golden half-circles echoed outwards from the central medallion, taking advantage of the ample space while naturally drawing the eye inwards to the mandap at the center of the stage.

At a distance, the effect of the stage was one of a sunrise in early morning, golden light spilling across a burgundy horizon. Upon closer view, the varied depths of the golden half-circles created a concave effect that pulled attention forward.

Ringed floral accents around the top and sides of the mandap brought a light touch and kept the garnet-colored mandap as a separate visual element from the similarly-colored background draping. The central floral ring on the golden medallion tied the elements together seamlessly.

All of this served as stunning background to the beautiful golden Ganesh statue standing at the entrance of the room, a central piece of any Hindu wedding and a stunning anchor to this wedding design. Multi-colored petals and water candles around the base of the statue carried the theme forward into the venue and down the raised aisle leading to the mandap.

The details involved here were for just one aspect of Richa and Shashank’s complex, unique, and beautiful wedding experience, one that was unlike anything we’ve ever created. Thanks to Ram Hernandez of Fandango Studios for creating this captivating event reel.