OBS Essentials: Beauty and Versatility with Modular Furniture

The design team at Occasions by Shangri-la is constantly searching for design elements that can bring beauty and sophistication to an event while also serving multiple purposes. Our line of modular lounge furniture from OBS Essentials has a versatility that allows us to build and shape to a location, a theme, a color scheme, and more.

These are just a few of the ways in which our modular furniture can transform an event or space:

1) Neutral White Modular

Available in multiple sizes and styles, the pristine white neutral modular seating can be used architecturally to convert large spaces into smaller, more defined areas that still allow for ease of traffic flow.

The neutral white modulars also come in sections with inward and outward curves which create an infinity edge that keeps your space open while still allowing for optimal seating space.

2) Neutral & Metallic Mixes

The clean white of the neutral in conjunction with the pop of metallic modular seating makes a strong impression. This method makes it easy to bring the color accents into the furniture itself rather than just the surrounding decor.

In addition to extending the reach of the color scheme into the seating, the mix of neutral and metallics allows for more intricate design using color blocking to create shapes and designs within the overall space. The neutral white also keeps the metallics from overwhelming the space and the design.

3) Exterior Metallics

At outdoor venues, you can take advantage of the metallic modulars to create a vivid juxtaposition between the clean luster of the metallic seating and the natural green of the grass.

Exteriors are also an excellent opportunity to use multiple metallics, combining both the silver and gold soft seating, which provide more richness and variety to an outdoor venue.

4) Elaborate Shapes and Designs

The versatility of modular soft seating is nearly inexhaustible. It can be formed into simple and classical straight-edge seating as well as angular framing, seen in the images below.

Modular furniture can also be easily altered to fit curved spaces and environments.

With a series of smaller modular sections, furniture can take on more elaborate designs and shapes that serve as eye-catching focal pieces on top of being comfortable seating.

5) Theme Integration

Modular furniture can also be seamlessly blended into themed events to add ambience as well as the ability to comfortably recline. For a winter theme, the neutral white modular furniture can be shaped around features like crystal curtains and LED icicle trees, creating a “snowbank” effect that carries the theme from the décor through to the seating and completes the immersive event environment.

6) Creative Branding

For events sponsored by or featuring companies or products, modular seating can be an effective way of incorporating their names and logos cohesively throughout the design.

Branding the modular seating is a great way of integrating a company’s name or in an organic and comfortable way that allows for brand recognition without coming across as excessive or intrusive.

These images are just a small sampling of the numerous ways the modular lounge furniture can be an integral and striking part of any event design. The simple beauty and endless versatility are just some of the reasons why it is one of our OBS Essentials.


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