Deciding to have your wedding in a non-traditional location, like a Cruise Ship, is a great way to bring everyone together and give them a vacation as well; however meticulous planning has to be done. You need to be on top of every detail for your wedding because timing to get all decor items on the ship may be different than a traditional venue, you also have to work with the Cruise Ship’s Staff to make sure the correct set up times are met and most importantly, making sure all of your items clear customs and get on the Ship.

Anand and Sapna didn’t just plan the wedding ceremony and reception; they also had a mendhi for about 150 guests.

Their Garba was larger and more elaborate, with guests numbering about 400.

For the ceremony, a beautiful mandap was backed by multiple shifting color schemes from electronic lighting and LED candles (since real candles were not allowed on the ship).

A great deal of credit goes to the staff of the Carnival Destiny for helping to make this event flawless.


Images courtesy of:

Regeti’s Photography