Underneath the sizzling Atlanta sun, love bloomed as Nikisha and Priyesh exchanged vows and were united as one. The vows were exchanged in an extravagant custom-created lotus design floral arrangement that held a dazzling crystal chandelier, set at BAPS Shri Swaminaryan Mandir Temple. This custom architectural piece included a white camouflaged stage overhanging the middle of the temple’s reflection pond for the bridal party to stand atop and gave the appearance of them all standing upon water.

Outdoor Indian Weddings Orlando Atlanta Occasions by Shangri-la

The evening view at the ceremony Indian Weddings Atlanta Occasions by Shangri-la

The newlywed couple and their 400 guests continued the celebration into the next day at Westin Buckhead Hilton with décor doubly as impressive as the day prior. The reception hall utilized an ornate gold chandelier as the main design focus. A showcase of two unique and beautiful floral centerpiece selections was placed at each guest table; the first was a collection of peach, light green and pink floral, and the second was a similar assortment only with a lower, more elongated appearance. A river of candles was featured atop each table with its glow illuminating into the room to further add to the ambience.

Buckhead Atlanta Indian Weddings Occasions by Shangri-la

Indian Weddings Reception Decor Atlanta Orlando Occasions by Shangri-la

Thanks to BAPS Shri Swaminaryan Mandir Temple and Westin Buckhead Hilton for accommodating this inspiring couple and their amazing guests.