Ever wonder what makes a great event great? We’ll give you a hint- it’s not about the budget. While a big budget can help, what makes an event memorable is the attention to detail that was put in to the event design. An effective way to add details to your event, while also adding an impact element, is to incorporate boxwood. These faux hedges can be used for any number of your decor needs, but here are 5 of our favorite (so far!):


One: The Bar

Boxwood Bar Back with Market Lighting

Boxwood Bar Back with Market Lighting

Here’s a great example of boxwood at night. Multiple pieces of our boxwood were combined to create a focal bar for this outdoor reception while warm market lights project outwards into the rest of the reception space. This event was outside, and by adding the extra textural element of the boxwood, the  focal bar helps energize and pull the space together naturally.

Two: The Break

Boxwood Wall Break Divider with Crystals

Boxwood Wall Break Divider with Crystals

Have you ever been in an oversized ballroom that seemed to consume the crowd that was in it? It was just a bit too big and too many things were going on all at the same time? One way to cozy up an indoor space without having to use standard pipe and drape, or worse, air walls (the large mismatched walls you sometimes see hotel staff dragging out) is to use boxwood to define or separate different areas of your space.

For example, in the above picture, you see a gathering of people sharing appetizers and cocktails through a boxwood and crystal wall. This wall adds elements of warmth with the natural floral additions, sophistication with the crystal spheres, and energy with the boxwood pieces, and it also creates a defined border that helps split up a large indoor  with effortless simplicity.

Three: The Photo Op

Boxwood Wall with Flowers - Altar and Photo Backdrop

Boxwood Wall with Flowers – Altar and Photo Backdrop

Photo booths and areas for stylized photos are a recent trend. At some events, you’ll even see a photographer on standby all night to capture guests’ poses as they visit the area. From silly photo booths with mustache props to formal areas with shimmering sequin backdrops, these event photo areas are all the rage from weddings to corporate events.

Four: The Detail

White Acrylic Bar with Boxwood Inserts

White Acrylic Bar with Boxwood Inserts

It’s all in the detail! Our green and white cut-out bar balances just the right amount of simple, clean lines, mixed with the soft effect of boxwood foliage. Combined, they create a unique bar that is interesting in its appeal to guests without being distracting or overwhelming. It’s a perfect addition to any indoor or outdoor space and brings a sense of life and energy to any room without the fussing of real ferns and vines.

Five: The Functional

Boxwood Before and After Functional - by Occasions by Shangri-la

Boxwood Before and After – by Occasions by Shangri-la

By now, you’ve discovered some of the decorative uses of boxwood and witnessed how it can help enhance outdoor spaces or liven up indoor areas by bringing in natural decor through the radiant green foliage. But have you considered some of the functional aspects of boxwood?

It’s easy to see what an affect simple boxwood can have from the transformation above, the before and after shots of a tent set-up. The problem: the air conditioner vents needed to cool the tent are eye sores. The solution: boxwood walls. Spaced properly in front of the vents, guests had no idea these unsightly vents were even nearby. Not only did the boxwood function to cover up the air conditioning units, it also added pops of natural green foliage to the ambience of this event.

The result:

From functional to aesthetic needs, boxwood should always be a consideration as a decor option at your next event. Not only will it bring natural elements to your event that your standard pipe and drape is lacking, but boxwood can easily be customized with a monogram, logo, or even with floral accents coordinating with an event’s design. Short or tall, wide or narrow, there is so much that boxwood can add to event decor.


Images courtesy of:

Damon Tucci Photography

Nadia D Photography